Annie DiTiberio, LCSW



Annie DiTiberio, LCSW

Family Support & Consultation

Supporting Families in Navigating the Mental Health System

I have encountered countless family members in my work that have a loved one with a mental health problem, who are trying to figure out how to connect them to services and resources. Not providing an avenue for support for these family members leaves them alone while struggling to traverse a system that is complicated and difficult.  I am willing to partner with families in this journey. This means that I am willing to meet with any members of your family, even if it is to discuss how to handle a mental health issue in your family and the primary client is not present*. I can meet with you to help you learn to navigate the mental health system, or to strategize how to get your loved one into treatment or the support he or she needs.  If someone in your family was recently diagnosed, I can meet with you to provide you with some education, and some idea of how to move forward.  These meetings can be single sessions, or can be ongoing support.  My work in the field has illuminated how often families can be left outside the office doors, wondering what they can do to help.  I invite you in, to be a part of the discussion, and am happy to team with you in whatever way might be helpful. See more details here. 

*If I am treating your loved one individually, they must approve my meeting with you without them present.

Individual Therapy

Support in Navigating Life's Changes

I offer individual support and therapy, helping you identify what is the life you want to lead and what is getting in the way of you living it.  In addition, as a strength's based therapist, I focus on what you have been doing right, your innate gifts and skills, and foster a greater confidence in your own ability to make changes in your life.  Utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) techniques, my individual work also focuses on adapting and changing our perspectives, to better fit our current life circumstances.  

I have a particular focus area in supporting women and their families dealing with infertility issues.  Having gone through infertility myself, I am familiar with the path and struggles that this places on women and families, and have a special interest in supporting individuals going through this process. See more details about my practice treating fertility here.