Comprehensive Support

My approach includes starting with where you are and what you need.  I am willing to consider "therapy" as just one service I provide.  Do you need a case manager who can help you get connected to the resources you need?  I can do that!  Do you need someone to meet with to help you figure out next steps with your loved one who really needs to be in my office but won't commit to "therapy"? Come talk to me, and I can support you in figuring out the next step.  Don't let therapy just mean talking about your problems.  That is just one sliver of what I can do to help.


A Belief in Recovery

Many people want to know "what's your approach?"  I am a strengths-based therapist, who will partner with you to help you celebrate yourself for what you are already doing right, and facilitate figuring out what might be getting in your way.  This often involves utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as Solution-Focused Therapy.  But underlying all of my approaches is a belief in Recovery, and that anyone can get and stay well for long periods of time.

Why me?

I received my Master's of Social Welfare from UC Berkeley with a specialized focus in Community Mental Health, and over the last decade I have worked in both the public and private sectors of the mental health system, including residential facilities, hospitals, day treatment programs, and school systems.   I am incredibly connected to treatment options in the Bay Area, in particular Santa Clara county, and have contacts at a variety of treatment facilities, hospitals, and community clinics.  I was personally involved in piloting a project at a local hospital's emergency department that allowed a dedicated psychiatric team to work with patients presenting with mental health challenges.  With my contacts and knowledge of the mental health care system we were able to reduce emergency department wait times by one third, and saw an increase in community discharges (meaning avoiding hospitalization) by 50%.   Due to the many levels of care at which I've worked in the area, I can speak from personal experience to the treatment people receive and have first-hand experience at how recovery can work for a many populations.

I have training in treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders, interventions for psychotic disorders, and have a special interest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   I also have led Family Support Groups for loved ones with mental health challenges, leading me to offer family consultations as part of my services.    In addition, I have personal experience and interest in supporting women and families going through fertility treatment, and am committed to working with this unique and special population that often does not have the dedicated support needed to get through a such and emotionally and physically challenging journey.  


I look forward to speaking with you further, to see if my experience and training align with your needs.  

About Me


Annie DiTiberio, LCSW


Annie DiTiberio, LCSW